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Simple startup script for OSX

Posted by – January 20, 2011

Somebody just got a new macbook and he wanted to run something every time it is turned on.

To create a startup script on OSX is not hard. Just a few steps.
Firstly, make a folder in /Library/StartupItems. Then create a plist file and an executable file. That’s it.

Let’s start with open Teminal and..

$ cd /Library/StartupItems
$ sudo mkdir WhatEverNameYouWant
$ cd WhatEverNameYouWant

and then create a file named StartupParameters.plist.
You can use whatever text editor to create and add..

  Description     = "WhatEverNameYouWant";
  Provides        = ("ScriptNameYouWant");
  OrderPreference = "None";

Next, create ScriptNameYouWant and put the commands you want.
Don’t forget to start the file with shebang #!/bin/sh to execute with Bourne shell.
This can be other. It depends on what you will execute.

The file will look like..

The commands to execute
and the last command

Save and make it executable..

sudo chmod +x ScriptNameYouWant

and restart your mac. See what you fuckup your Mac lol